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Okay, y'all, this is everything I have been longing to say. Now, I would have said it nicer, but not nearly as funny. If some words trip you up on spelling, go check this out. Hilarious, and very, very necessary.

Roxanne posted one of my favorite musicians and songs. Did you know that we had a blue moon on New Year's Eve?

Trey is a consistent warrior for godly marriages. He has some great guidelines for husbands, and in turn great guidelines for wives.

I can't embed my favorite video, but you need to go see it. Twelve years ago today my friends Brian and Dana got married. One month ago today Brian took his last breath on this earth. Here is a video of Dana's very eloquent talk at Brian's funeral. It's about 10 minutes long, but worth your time.

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Roxanne said...

Paragraphs 1,2,3--check. Don't know if I can handle paragraph 4 just yet. Still in the mist, you know. But I'm keeping it handy for when I can bear it.

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