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What a crummy day yesterday, and went to bed with a migraine as a souvenir. So, I woke up with the room spinning in circles and still feel a little dizzy -- yes, I always ACT a little dizzy, but I'm not usually actually dizzy.

I don't really have time for dizziness, of course. I finished an article this morning, after chopping one almost to the death yesterday after an editor requested that it be 25% shorter (y'all, that is like asking if I can be 25% shorter -- it is painful!). I've got laundry strewn hither and yon, both of the clean and dirty variety, about to leave for Meals on Wheels, need to recycle first, then... you get the idea.

Much happening.

But today my daddy is 360 miles away, having a spot on his lungs biopsied. We are praying for the best and would be honored if you would, as well. All other indicators (blood work, etc.) indicate that these (there are several) are non-cancerous, but it is, of course, unsettling to face. And it certainly puts laundry and article editing in perspective.

Before I hustle off to the next thing, I want to leave you with one thing I read this morning from John 15. If you remember, that is the chapter where Jesus is talking to his disciples right before he is to be crucified. He is basically reminding them to be faithful, saying over and over, "Remain in me." verse 16 says:

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit–fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.

It blessed me SO much to be reminded that I was CHOSEN. Chosen and APPOINTED. And so are you. May you go and bear fruit today.


Linda said...

praying for you and your daddy....

... and grateful for your reminder today!

Thank you!!

Roxanne said...

The article (despite is reduction by 25%) is still grand. Love you. Love your dad. Glad he at least got a good burger out of the deal.
I am about to drink a Diet Coke and remember that I have been chosen!!!!

Tim Archer said...

Prayers for your dad!

Father, I pray for health and healing for Sarah's dad and peace for the entire family. In Jesus' Name, Amen

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

Scott F said...

Praying for your Dad!

Susan said...

Lifting your daddy up in prayer...and you, too.

Kelly Sessions said...

I hope all is ok with your Dad. He will be in my prayers...

By the way thank you for your response to my post...I love those verses, however a little too long for what I'm needing to make;)

I will only share if it looks good after I am finished haha!

Also, I think you acutally said it well and its one in the running "Remain in Me" I love that!

OHHH...and I wanted to tell you the last 2 migrane's i've had in the past 2 months have both been when i was running outside...had to sprint back home and get into bed!! MISERABLE!!!!

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