Got a Funny?

I could use a laugh, how 'bout you?

Besides the usual get everyone where they are supposed to be and school-supplied, and papers signed and are you aware that there are no more blue, two pocket folders WITH brads to be found in this county, we have had extra drama as background music at our house this week. The worst of it seems to have subsided and we will all move on, but God can be really funny in His timing sometimes. Faithful to carry us through, but definitely funny.

Tonight is Ashley's first volleyball game! I am SO ready to sit on some bleachers and cheer for a kid! That will really help wash some drama away, though it will include the drama of trying to figure out how to get Riley to soccer in the slap middle of the game... That's how we roll around here, right?

I would love to hear from you. What is something that has made you LAUGH OUT LOUD lately??? Not LOL -- you SAY LOL!!! But, I mean, are you REALLY??? I'm always skeptical of LOL. I confess this was funny, but no LOL or Laugh out loud for me. Give it your best shot. Youtube, joke, whatever. Got a funny?

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