Heading Home

Today's the day. We are packing up and beginning our journey home today, after one last hike here.
Good thing it's a long drive back, as I will have time to grieve the end of the vacation and gear my mind to the madness of back to school.

Since I have a long trip, I wanted to leave you with some southern hilarity. I have never heard of this lady, but her accent thrills my soul. It is home. Her humor is home. You will thoroughly enjoy this, but it is a little long. Enjoy.


dad said...

I'm glad you had what appears to be a meaningful vacation. I'm glad you find the falls as attractive as I do. It's very much like a cathedral there - the visual and emotional sense is very much an upward-directed experience, and it is definitely a worshipful place for me.
Travel safe!

Roxanne said...

I cannot comment on the falls as you dad so eloquently did, but I just want to go and hug that woman's neck and bless her heart at the same exact time. Not only was that hilarious, but when she said, "siblin's" I thought I'd landed right back home without the drive. Wonderful. . .wonderful. . .wonderful.

Love you. Thinking of you. Be safe.

Lisa Laree said...

I laughed out loud...pounded the desk...disturbed my sleeping family.

Then I posted the link on Facebook.

I'm married to an engineer. 'nuff said!

Thanks...I really needed that laugh!

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