A Better View

Let's just pretend that no explanation is necessary regarding why I haven't blogged for the last 12 days, 'kay? But today is the first day of school here in Texas -- I know, your kids have been in school for 3 weeks, have gotten mid-term grades, the flu, and had a teacher-parent conference, but we are just beginning. So blogging will be a little more regular now that routine is a little more routine. Hair-raising and sleep-deprived, but routine.

For those of you that are on Facebook and Twitter, this is old news, but not all of you know that I have launched into the podcasting world, of all crazy things. Because that is exactly what the world was needing -- just a little more of MY voice! HA!

Several weeks ago, Steve tossed out on Facebook: What if Amanda (who I knew via blogs) and Paula (I had no idea who Paula was) and Sarah had a talk show like "The View". What would they call it. I immediately tossed back: A better view! Oh, ha, ha...

Well, later when we really considered a podcast, and tried to find a name that wouldn't be misconstrued as p*rnographic or so over-the-top, cheesy, churchy it would never reach anyone other than the 'inner echelon', A Better View it was! We decided that those of us that see things in light of the cross of Jesus truly do have a better view of this world, glimpsing the temporal in view of the eternal.

Our website for the podcast is here. Right now only our first podcast is up, but we recorded our second one last night. It will be edited and posted soon. You can listen to it at your computer, or subscribe to it at iTunes, and download it (free) and take it with you for a road trip or for your exercise, yardwork, or to harvest the corn, like Steve does.

We are just three moms and wives keeping it real, trying to live for Jesus in a fallen world. All of our conversation doesn't center around being a wife, all of our conversation doesn't center around being a mom, but I do have to say it's fairly estrogen heavy. Jeff Foxworthy says he feels like he is drowning in the estrogen ocean. Pretty sure Steve feels that way as our producer.

Hope you will give us a listen, and may you be blessed!


Roxanne said...

I listened. . .and I LOVED hearing your voice coming out of my computer as I ticky-tacked things to my classroom walls last Friday night. :)

Roxanne said...

Of course, it would have been even better if you were here. . .and had brought a Diet Coke with you.

Jana said...

I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but YEAH, SARAH! You go, girl--and I mean that with the depth and feeling that phrase doesn't normally carry.

What a treat!

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