Training Tuesday

'kay. Well, I didn't immediately revisit my 11 miles, but since I did, in fact, post yesterday, I'm sure you gathered that I at least lived to tell about it. And live I did.

I'm learning lots about this ol' bod of mine -- more all the time. Sadly, most of it is stuff I KNOW -- stuff you know, too -- but am just too hard- headed to internalize and live out. For instance, I was better fueled and hydrated for this run, and felt energized, but unfortunately truly had the wrong equipment (shoes) for the distance I was going and am currently in worse shape than ever: stone bruises on my feet, hip trouble, etc. It has affected my training and I'm paying the price.

Ruthie, as mentioned, is training me. She is also gearing up to train some folks for the next half-marathon. The hook to this one, though, is that you can raise money/ awareness for a mission of your choice. Details are here. You can participate from anywhere on the planet -- as long as you can receive the training schedule via email. She isn't starting to train until July 12. I'll try to have a few thoughts along the way between now and then. But if you can go walk 2 or 3 miles right now, you can follow the training schedule and be ready for the half in October or November.

Why in heaven's name would I go through this? What in the world would possess me to torture myself so? Believe me, I have given up on running hundreds of times in my life. Evidently I've started it just one more time than that. Right before I left for my run Saturday morning, while munching on my bagel, I came across a blog that summed it up really well for me (this gal is HILARIOUS and I am currently way too tired to come anywhere close to being hilarious...) So, to explain me, and why I do this crazy thing, check out The Sport of Selfishness.

And, every once in a while, if you non-runners will indulge me, I would love to be able to process all that I'm learning here on the ol' blog. I don't know that I need another blog, but I need to think this through. It's a new thing for me, running consistently. And I want to stick with it.

For now, I am WIPED OUT. Summer only feels like summer temperature-wise. I have run kids and me back and forth and hither and yon today. Whew. Then, I act like it's summer at the end of the day and stay up too late, but still get up about 5:30 to run while it's still cool, or to attend a weights class at my gym before I teach swim lessons. Do you know what that makes me? Exhausted and grouchy!

So... I am off of here so that I may get in bed at a reasonable hour. And? A little 'ew' for your bloginess: I'm sitting outside at dusk/ evening. Troy is home more than usual these days, and the kids are out of school and, in short -- exercise endorphins only get me to dinner. So I am sitting outside blogging watching the stars come out and being completely consumed by mosquitoes. AND in trying to flick a bug off my computer screen? Yeah, I've gotta go get some screen cleaner.

Have a great Wednesday!!


Roxanne said...

I am all about the process of processing. Bring on the running analogies. . .we can take it. And if you plan to continue blogging out of doors as dusk, either get yourself a citronella candle or some cortisone cream. Just sayin'. . .

Jae said...

Now she lays herself to sleep,
She prays, "Dear Lord, heal my feet"

If I should not the 13 make,
give me courage and not to hate,

The fact that I am not done, for I will do another one."

Stephanie said...

*High five!* I'm going to go read that blog about the Sport of Selfishness. I already love the title.

I just started a 5:30 AM workout thing too - this is my second week. But those early morning temps are much nicer than the 5 PM heat... and somehow, even though it's hard to get out of bed at 4:55, I have more energy at 5:30 AM than I do in the afternoon after working all day. Amazing!

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