Summertime and the Livin' Is... CRAZY!

Hey, friends.

*sigh* Life is just craziness in so many ways. The BEST part of it? God is SO good and faithful through all of the craziness!

One thing going on (among a bazillion others) is that I am training for a half- marathon. I have been a bit on the down-low about that, on facebook or otherwise. Please hear this first and foremost: I AM NOT RUNNING THE ENTIRE HALF-MARATHON. I committed to it planning to walk the entire thing, then started running a few minutes of the training. I am currently walking 3 minutes, running 1.5-2 minutes.

I tell you this because I would LOVE any encouragement you have to offer. Tomorrow (Saturday) I am scheduled to do my longest training run yet (11 miles). Guess what? It's going to be STINKIN' hot, even early. And? by the way? That is a LONG way for this old body to go.

I did almost 9 a couple of weeks ago. And that was a long way to go, and I felt awful. I wasn't hydrated enough, and hadn't eaten right/ enough. It's a learning process, and as tough as it is, I'm enjoying what I'm learning. Did you know that this stuff we put in our bodies is meant to make us go, and go well?

This article talks about nutrition and what it means not only for your body, but for your brain now and in the future. I want my brain to still be going to good use in a few years, so I shall feed it well.

And Ruth, who is leading up the training for the half-marathon, tells her story of breaking her sugar addiction that started in childhood. The short answer is: keep starting over. I am currently eating more sugar than I was this time last year, but I try to get most of my sugar from fruits.

So -- that is a random "Cleft of the Rock" post. Not at all what you usually come here for, and not what I generally talk about, but what is currently going on in my life. And? I would love to hear about yours as well. What does summer find you doing? (I've got LOTS more summer talk, but this is it for now...)

Blessings to you all and happy Friday!


Jae said...

FYI's: 1. The city heard you were doing the half and have installed defib's every 100 yards of the route. Personally, I liked the mouth to mouth from the cute police officers at the Dallas Rock'n Roll. 2. Be sure to have a cute outfit. Running squwort (thats what they're called, right?) with a lacy tank and matching socks, a girls gotta look good for the final finish photo.
3. Its okay to talk to yourself. I've told you about my mantras. Feel free to borrow a couple of 'em. And 4th. Remember Jesus is with you. He's awesome to do a marathon with...and He's especially cool about the folks at the last. You'll do GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugzzz!

ChristyCate said...

My brother and sister-in-law, who were never runners though Tom was an athlete, joined together with another couple around Christmas to begin training for their first half marathon as well. They ran in Nashville in April. (Becky, my SIL, beat Tom by 10 minutes...:) Both were exhilarated and Tom just said he was unbelievably proud that he ran the whole way (I don't think either had ever run more than 8 miles even in training.) They both plan to run again, but who knows when, with all the crazy of three kiddos. If they can do it, Sarah, so can you! Go with God, my friend!

Roxanne said...

And YOU'RE WORTH IT!!!! :) Right??? :) Just make sure you have a pecan free route, then go for it!!!!

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