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I really had hoped to blog a little more this week... it just isn't getting done, you know? I guess you do know, if you are still here.

One thing, besides the subjects of these ample photos, that is taking my time these days is figuring out my new camera. My friend, David, who let me rip off his pics of Dana and her family, gave me some camera-shopping-for-the-chronically-cheap-frugal tips. So, I shall let you see some of my latest handiwork, or, as I like to call it, why the Stirmans never eat dinner
before 8 p.m.:

Here is Saturday's soccer game. Riley throwing the ball in:

And THIS spectacular kick (Riley is the one whose foot has just engaged the ball) turned into an amazing assist and scored a point. Yay!
So Ashley got bored and took pics of Troy, tuning out the other parents:

And me, watching the game....

So on Monday once the clouds blew away, we had tennis for Ashley, my Mann Falcon:
This kind of cracks me up. I think Ashley has 'Charlie Brown feet' here: (can you hear the music?)
So, the next day we had a band concert. Some of you may have figured this out a LONG time ago, but I have not. My children are in a LOT of things. Most of the programs are simply photocopied pieces of paper, but I want to remember that Ashley was section leader in band, and made All-Honor band, etc. So... I took a pic of it. (I took a pic of the inside, too where all the names, etc., are listed). I can keep these with the scrapbook pages of the same pictures. I am SERIOUSLY trying to declutter around here, and who needs a million more pieces of photocopied paper when a picture of the paper will suffice?
So.. I'm still trying to figure out the camera. I put everything on 'auto' and snapped a few pics when the band first came out to warm up. Here is Ashley pointing to me, asking the girl behind her, "Whose mom is THAT taking all those pictures???" I was VERY disappointed with the automatic pictures.
So... I started thinking... David encouraged me to get this camera because it does well in low light. So I took it OFF of automatic, messed with the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. I have no idea what they mean, but know where they should be for a decent pic. And took a few decent shots (no flash!) :
I forgot to include the obligatory pic of the whole stage that included the back of the bald guy's head...
And Ashley had to take a few shots of me trying to figure out the software that came with it. Seeing my posture makes me realize why I need to get to yoga more...

So that is approximately 72 hours in the Stirman family life. Some 3 days periods are slower, some are faster. Right now, I'm missing out on watching the movie 'Dave' with my man. Do you love that movie? I do.

Have a great weekend and take lots of pictures!

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