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Obviously, wandering back into blogging very SLOWLY....

Please, check out my 'Good Things' and Sherri's comment yesterday on the Evil Empire. Seriously, are we going to sell our souls to save $.15 (that we obviously aren't really saving) on a box of Tampax? I am here to tell you, unless you have run the rest of the stores in your town out of business, you can survive without shopping there. I promise.


Here is what is on my mind today, and I only have a very few minutes to visit with you about it. I'm just trying to process myself.

As in many things, I see a pendulum swinging in one direction in reaction to it going too far the other way originally -- specifically: for years, people in churches were strictly scripture followers, to the point that scripture could become a convenient bludgeon for basically any point of discussion. Eat too much? Gluttony... boom. Spend too much? Greedy... boom. I don't like your hair? Vanity... boom.

So now I see some of us shifting away from using scripture as a bludgeon, leaning heavily on Spirit. Spirit-leading of what we should do career-wise, lunch-wise, relationship-wise... etc. Don't get me wrong -- I believe in Spirit -- because I believe the scriptures. But to trust Spirit-leading without a scripture check could be treading into dangerous waters. Mainly because our world is so full of evil and other noise, one MUST stay wholly in the Word to clearly hear what or where Spirit is leading. Jeremiah 17:9 says, "The heart is deceitful above all things..." -- and that's what most of us use to listen to the Spirit. Best to have a way to check what we're hearing.

I think to have either without the other is like... peanut butter without the jelly. Just wrong. :-)

What say you?


Linda said...


dad said...

This is great! You are so right.

Lori Waugh said...

So true!

Janice Garrison said...

You are absolutely right on Sarah. We have had about six weeks of lessons on evil spirits and the things Christians get themselves involved with. Also on spiritual warfare. You can check them out on the church website here:

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