God's Economy

I have heard the phrase "God's Economy" many times lately, and have always liked it in the context it has been used. The first was someone telling me that God had revealed to her "Time is never wasted in God's economy." When we feel like we are in a waiting place or a useless place, God is at work. Hmmm...

But economy-economy? Dollars and cents? Yeah, it isn't going super-great in this corner of the universe if you haven't noticed. I, as mentioned, have recently gone to work to try to help make ends meet around here. So the ends keep moving. Or fraying. And we seem to -- financially -- be further behind than we were when I started work. In the 6 weeks I have been working we have had one unexpected flight out of state to a funeral, one major car repair, and are now facing another almost-major car repair. I'm not sure we can afford for me to work another 6 weeks.

God, as is His way, put things in perspective recently. First, a dear friend that Troy grew up -- that he considers his sister, really -- was just last week cleared for the heart transplant list. She JUST turned 42. Over the weekend our family traveled to central Texas to a fundraiser for her. So, the thought that we were all healthy and whole and in one piece is a helpful reminder that all is well -- though I had one of the overall crummiest weeks I've had in a LONG time last week.

Then, once we got to the fundraiser, I had opportunity to visit with some dear friends. We were discussing my writing, my ministry, etc. I told them this, basically:

"I consider getting better paying jobs or something that brings in a little more money, but I am committed to staying true to what God has called me to do with writing and speaking. God continues to show me the riches and blessings to be found in doing what He has called you to do."

I don't tell you that to pat myself on the back for a noble view -- I put that here for my own benefit. I put that here because I will need to be reminded frequently. I do believe that with all that is in me, but when actual dollars are needed to put gas in the car and clothes on my kids (why, why, WHY do they keep growing AND eating???) and utilities in my home I confess that I forget. I forget that He has us in His palm, needing no dollars for His will and His plan to be complete and perfect in us.

So, please remind me frequently of God's economy, and what a precious and wonderful blessing of riches it is.

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