The GiveAways! The Bloggy Giveaways!!

For. The. Love! These bloggy folks are outdoing themselves in the giveaways here at the end of the year and I will confess that I am spending no small amount of time frolicking to and fro flitting from blog to blog entering some contests.

First, I started here to enter to win an HP TouchSmart computer thingy-joober. If I win it, I will be sure to know what the official name is, but it is just WAY COOL!! Check it out!

Also, Dave Ramsey, financial guru extraordinaire, is having various daily giveaways all through the month of December. I feel certain I just missed my phone call that I won the $3,000 cash. But that means I can still enter! You know you want to enter, too!

As I mentioned, I'm having a hard time finding some holiday spirit. I think today may be the day. Maybe. I MIGHT buy a Christmas present today. But I just saw that the UT head coach got his salary bumped from $3 million to $5 million. Maybe I'll just ask him to buy Christmas for my family.

We had a funny discussion at the table this week: worst Christmas gift ever received, and you couldn't mention any given by anyone sitting at the table! :-) I couldn't think of one, honestly, and I can't out the others because, virtually, you are all now sitting at the table...

What about you -- worst Christmas gift ever received? Spill it!


Yvonne said...

Luggage! Yes, luggage. You know how much I travel. Gracious. I was "Are you serious?"

Jana said...

The side-view mirror on a car; apparently it had broken off/fallen off, and somehow, someone thought, "Hey, Jana would love this. I think I'll wrap this up and give it to her."


You can't make up this stuff.


Kelly Sessions said...

the worst gift I ever received on Christmas was when I was 5 years old...I was missing my front 2 teeth, and had chicken pox alllllll overrrrr! We have home video to prove it!! (guess it's really not a gift)

Loving your posts...its been a while i've been Blog MIA!!

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