Advent Season/ Conspiracy

Um, well, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry December to you.


I have been a bit absentee. Have you noticed? No, probably not.

I will tell you -- I am heavy hearted. Much going on that is just too much for my heart to carry. So glad that sweet little baby was born over 2,000 years ago and promised he could carry it for me, 'cause I simply can't.

One precious daddy we know is at death's door -- the oldest of his 3 children in first grade. I cannot make it make sense, though I have begged God to do it (I can stand anything, go through anything, as long as it is logical to me). God refuses to have it make sense to me, but he has assured me He is in it -- there with that family holding them close. Please pray for the White and Scott families.

Other situations swirl my head and weigh my heart down, but I am happy to hand them over to the Lord.

As we enter into a time of Advent-- that the dictionary defines as "an arrival or coming, especially one which is awaited" -- I have been studying this book by Ann Spangler. Immanuel: Praying the Names of God Through the Christmas Season. I went through it once a few years ago and simply loved it. It is a precious reminder of what this time of year is for and the One who we worship through it all. I highly recommend it.

And, thanks to our youth minister, I have been reminded of the Advent Conspiracy campaign.
Spend less. Give more. Worship fully. Love all. Now I could get into that.


Scott F said...

I join your heavy heart and have been praying for them so much. Glad to see you post -- have missed your posts!

Roxanne said...

Love you. . .thinking of and praying for the family you mentioned.

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