So Thankful for a Village

My daughter, my beautiful athletic daughter, is being recognized as an "outstanding youth of our city" by one of the local civic clubs this week. Troy and I are, as you might imagine, quite proud.

The outstanding youth, I will confess, is less than amused by the whole ordeal for two main reasons:

a) it appears that she will have to miss her first basketball game of the season for the award ceremony and
b) semi-formal attire suggested.


Missing the basketball game I can deal with. The 'semi-formal attire' strikes as much fear into me as if I were going to be asked to take her place in the basketball game. Y'all, I still need Garanimals for Grown-Ups. I am in no shape to be outfitting another person, ESPECIALLY one who may or may not have a very strong opinion about what she may or may not like to wear.

Because I am so handicapped in this arena, my daughter has been handicapped. Shopping is always an ordeal, I hate it, she hates it, we do as little as possible and move on. We can't communicate AT ALL what works, what doesn't and why it doesn't. It's terrible.

But, the outstanding youth of the city needs semi-formal attire. The Optimist Club has spoken. I can procrastinate no more. I just may need reinforcements.

I called my friend from church knowing that she would know where to go, what was in, what to get, how not to spend an entire fortune. Even better, she said, "Would you like for me to come with you?" Tears welled in my eyes. "Would you? Please?"

This precious woman met us and had the best time "playing dress up" with my daughter. What a God-send for both of us. We had already had one tense argument about who-knows-what. The Fairy Godmother of Fashion came in and smoothed it all out, finding us bargains and fashion, making one and all happy.

That, right there, is why I go to church. Not in its entirety, but that is why I have a church family. I don't have blood family in this town and, even if I did, love ya, mom, but you simply couldn't do what this lady could -- but mom could do math homework like nobody's business! Fashion and putting stuff together was as easy for this woman as breathing.

I don't know how she does it -- let's call it her spiritual gift. Honestly. Because last week, she blessed my socks off by bringing peace (and fashion) into my family. If that isn't a spiritual gift, I don't know what is!

So, seriously, if you think you have NOTHING to offer the Lord, you may have a gift that your sister-in-need does not. Simply be willing to say, "Can I help you do that?" You NEVER know where someone is seriously handicapped. Me? Fashionably handicapped.

So thankful to belong to a body of Christ where we all have strengths and weaknesses and people are willing to treat my family like family. I am blessed.


Tiffany said...

I am laughing as I read this.....you have portrayed Ashley to a tee! Love it!

Roxanne said...

That is just awesome--Ashley's recognition and your friend's willingess to accesorize for the Lord. :)

dad said...

Dear heart, you have preached a profound sermon in a few choice paragraphs.
Congratulations to my favorite granddaughter!

Linda said...

Amen and Amen....

(yet another reason I love you, Sarah.... I'm right there with you... the only thing... MY daughter (nearly 8) LOVES to shop and accessorize! Must have gotten it from her Aunt...

Mom said...

You didn't get the shopping gene because I didn't. My mom has the shopping gene, so I don't know why I didn't get it. Even at 98, she can shop me into the ground! I'm grateful that you have church family who can fulfill your needs, since Dad & I can't be there to help. But, as you pointed out, I wouldn't have been able to help with the shopping. But give me some math homework!

Also, we're so proud of Ashley's accomplishments. We know she'll look beautiful Thursday night.

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