What a Week and What's for Dinner

It's been quite a week around here, hence the silence.

It started at the end of last week with the death of a dear man from church. He, his wife, and his 7 year old granddaughter that they are raising sat right behind us in church each week. Long story about what happened, but it was very unexpected. Late 50's, worked at my kids school as a speech therapist, sang on the praise team with Troy, precious man of God. He was one of the very few people that could be counted on to read from the Bible as if the words on the page actually spoke to him (reading it otherwise is a bit of a peeve of mine).

His funeral blessed me beyond measure, calling me to walk more closely with Jesus. It was truly inspirational. Troy was blessed to do the music for the funeral and I was, as usual, proud beyond proud of him. I married a good man.

Amongst the funeraling there has also been other snapshots of God's amazing works: his mercies and grace sprinkled throughout relationships and activities all through our lives. Details may sound boring to you, and not all are available for publication, but let me remind you: God is in the details.

If you aren't a facebook friend, you have missed that I am on a quest to get more of my writing published, which I jokingly refer to as "racking up the rejections". It's just a matter of kissing a few frogs before you find your prince, or getting lots of doors slammed in your face. The quest continues. Right now I do not have "the book" in the works, but columns and/ or articles -- magazine or newspaper.

Also, you may have missed that I posed the question on facebook: what do I do with leftover rotisserie chicken? I got a VERY long answer that I posted here on my recipe blog. I went with chicken spaghetti, thank you, Robin.

So my Friday begins. A full, yet relaxing weekend begins here at my house. Deer season starts this weekend -- so long, Troy -- and one of the kids is having a friend over. Life is what it should be. Yet, my heart is heavy. Thursday was already a little sad for me with cancer continuing to ravage too many too young, and others face hard times, but the Fort Hood mess takes my breath away. A few short miles from where I first started teaching, first lived with Troy as his wife, and became a mom, I am as stunned as you are by the horrific violence at Fort Hood. Praying for the hearts that are breaking and struggling to understand.


Carl Feril said...

I continue to pray God opens a door of opportunity wherein he might speak through you to a larger audience in your writing. If he does not, know those who listen can hear his gentle spirit in the words you write and your observations of his blessings around you bless others.
Grace and peace.

Sarah said...

Carl, those are VERY kind words that I greatly appreciate. I am ever grateful for my "blog village" (and facebook) that cheers me on and keeps me going. I never mind writing words that no one will pay to read. The problem is that our family budget either needs me to get published in more (or better paying) places or needs me to go to work! My husband is an eternal saint about this, but our family can't last forever how we are.

Paula said...

Sarah, I am going to pray that God gives you the desires of your heart and that He makes a way for you to stay focused on your writing... His will be done!

Lisa Laree said...

My word bank is empty today...but I'm sending a cyber hug! You have my prayers that the Right Door Opens (at the Right Time...)

ChristyCate said...

If there's anything this ole gal has learned.... It's ALL about timing... GOD'S timing! Praise Him!!!

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