Wait. Ing...

Do you know what you get when you have involved teens that are not quite old enough to drive? You get a LOT of waiting.

It seems to begin to be a major reality in middle school. I'm sure it will reach a crescendo before there is finally a driver's license, but then I will still be waiting... for my car, or for someone to come home.

Now it's waiting for athletics to get out. Or carpool to come home from athletics, or carpool to pick up to go to school, or waiting for it to be time to leave for carpool, or waiting for soccer practice to start or finish or see if it is rained out. This week I have also waited for All-City band auditions to start and then to finish, and for a game to start. At tennis matches you have to wait for a court. Lots and lots of waiting.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. One mom I consider a precious mentor told me that is when she started doing needlepoint -- so that she would feel like she had accomplished something by the time soccer/basketball/ band was finally over. It has definitely helped to have a laptop now. I can work on articles, or jot down thoughts. I may need to throw a journal in the car for times that don't require a laptop, but when my brain is full-to-overflowing, as today.

Some days it is hard to remember that this is simply a passing season of life, just like the diaper days were, just like preschool and elementary. But I shall have to do more waiting to move on to another season. May I remember, too, that this is one of my last seasons of parenting with children in my nest -- the waiting season.

Perhaps I should spend more of it in prayer.


Bob said...


There will come a time when you are so tired of the driving and waiting, driving and waiting that you will gladly and willingly turn over a 2-ton vehicle of death and destruction to a 16-year old with a cheater's permit. Strange, but true.

Sarah said...

Bob, what scares the bejabbers out of me is that I fear you are 100% right. We are a little over 2 years away from that milestone.

Roxanne said...

Great writing. . .loved it.

mstirman said...

I remember the same type feelings before Troy got his license. Then you start the season of wondering where they are, what they're doing and when they will get home. Each season has its ups and downs.

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