Momentum: Losing, Finding, and Gaining

I'm a ponderer. An over-thinker, probably.  This week, I'm considering momentum. Too much, I'm sure.

I seem to have lost momentum in many areas of my life. Blogging being the most obvious (to any of you that happen by the ol' COTR).

I've also lost momentum in my running. While we have been enjoying a mild winter here in the 'burbs, the last few weeks have been fits and starts of running for me. The week between Christmas and New Year's was AWESOME -- perfect weather and my running partner and I could both run a little later than usual, so we logged in a consistent 5 miles every day for that week.

Then... weather, migraines, and life got in the way. I was logging about one run a week for the last 3. Most of this week I kept a migraine, it rained all week. Blah!

Then... I remembered: The Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k! Oh, yeah! How could I forget?
Misplaced comma alert. It's actually January 28, 2012. But who would notice?
 Adam  -- unquestionably the funniest running blogger out there -- hosted a virtual 5k today/ this weekend-ish. As you can see by the guidelines, the rules are fairly loose for a virtual 5k. I signed up, knowing that I would likely be out running anyway -- then my running partner and I signed up for the 10k portion Cowtown Marathon race series.

Today we planned to meet quite early (I had a 9 a.m. meeting) and knock out 5 miles to prepare for our race.

Walking to meet her, I was definitely freezing my thorns off -- it was only 42* (we've run MUCH colder) but the stupid wind was about 15 mph. I waited and waited and waited and WAITED -- very unlike my very prompt running partner. I did get to snap this awesome pic while waiting (and many more).
 I waited 10 minutes and took off running. Also unlike me (still forgetting about the virtual 5k). I usually go home and go back to bed when my running partner doesn't show. Yes, I am THAT committed.

Here's the deal: BEST! RUN! EVER!! Okay, I don't know if it was the best run ever, but it's the best 5 miles I have run in at least the last 18 months. Besides eating well this week (I'm discovering different ways to eat quinoa! Go me!) I think the "Tabata" workouts I have thrown in the last two weeks have really helped (sprint intervals workouts explained here).
Halfway through! Freezing my thorns off!
Today was a great day to get out and run -- and find some momentum again. So glad I went.


Losing Lindy said...

First of all, thank you so much for your kind and supportive words on my blog. I just recently discovered the boring running (as in the past week). I am in Chicagoland burbs. I would prefer to run outside, but have a dreadmill due to the childcare issues (expense).

You almost made me cry (totally choked up) from your very sweet comment. I am adding you to my list to read.

BTW..I did a half last Sept, and signed up the same again. I did the whole walk/run thing too. It ended up being below 50 and raining...I have signed up for the same one again. I have had issues with injuries and I have mental issues with running. On Jan 2, I ran 4 miles without stopping. My longest ever! It took me 48 minutes, but I did it. I have serious mental issues when it comes to running.

Sarah S. said...

I don't talk running much on my blog -- but maybe I'll start -- because I'm so very slow. I typically run (interval) 4 miles in about 50-55 min. A friend of mine recommended John Bingham's "The Courage to Start" book to me. He's "The Penguin" -- he named himself that because he is so slow that he thinks he waddles. Good book, and addresses the mental issues that come from being slow.

Sarah S. said...

Didn't mean to reply yet! Also -- following running blogs is a blessing and a curse. It's GREAT to see that runners have crappy runs, then get out there and do it again (that was seriously news to me). However, I found one gal who was BEATING herself up for running an 8:00 pace MARATHON. It was kind of hard to swallow. The first half she ran -- with virtually no training -- was 2:15. Bless. So, I have to read those in moderation. When I start kicking myself -- I have to walk away.

I spent YEARS doing what you're doing: wanting to like running so that it would help me lose weight. I would set a race goal, not meet my training goals, feel like a failure, blah, blah, blah... It was when I dropped all goals and expectations and just saw if I could run to run that I started enjoying it. If you aren't planning to race until September, you have AT LEAST until May to take it easy, get over your cold, run 2-3 times a week with your "long runs" being only 2 or 3 miles. Just take it easy, learn to enjoy.

I'll be eager to keep up with you -- you may inspire me to register for one this year. Can't decide...

Adam Ricklefs said...

Your son is, quite possibly the coolest 14 year old I've ever (not) met. HILARIOUS about the bike helmet :)

Sarah S. said...

:-) He's pretty awesome -- and definitely hilarious. He could give you a run for your money for wit -- AND for talking about poop. Y'all should definitely meet up sometime. :-)

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