Happy Birthday to Ashley!

I still vividly remember standing at the kitchen sink, about to leave for the hospital, sixteen years ago this morning. Everything had been done. The house was spotless. My bag was in the car. The car was running. Troy was standing at the door --- it was a BEAUTIFUL day, but cold -- and the sun shone in through the door so brightly I could barely see him. And I cried.

I was terrified of labor, but way more than that, I was terrified of the little life that would come home with me. Did these people know that I was doing good to balance my checkbook? That I liked to eat popcorn for a meal? Should I really be trusted with a real child?

I didn't realize until her brother came along what an easy child she was, but what a ray of sunshine this strawberry blond girl has been. She has talked and sung and laughed her way into all of our hearts. She does not know a stranger and has a ready smile for everyone. People of all ages are drawn to her, and she to them.

Ashley has always had the gift of compassion. She cannot stand for anyone to be left out, or have hurt feelings, not be included, or not be treated the same as anyone else. I frequently look to her as my moral compass -- because she is a quality guide.

Ashley, I am so thankful that you are a walking ministry of grace and mercy. I have needed it at least on a weekly basis as your mom, and you have doled it out by the bucket full. I love being your mom and seeing the joy you bring to so many people -- and me! I am thankful for your heart for other people, while you listen for Jesus to lead you the next step. I won't even talk about how it makes ME feel for you to be 16, but I can't wait to see how God continues to mold you into a beautiful woman for Him.


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Stephanie said...

This business of seeing our first born hit major life milestones is blowing my mind! Ashely sounds like a treasure, and while you are her mom and all, I have no doubt the description you give her would easily come from anyone else. She is certainly loved, and that is by far the most important thing in life.

Roxanne said...

Love you. Love Ashley. So blessed to have you both in my life. . .even from afar.

Mindy Clark said...

What a sweet post! Ashley seems like a special girl. I think it's wonderful to be inspired by our very own children! Happy birthday, Ashley!

Scott F said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Ashley! Hope it was as special as you are!

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