A Waiting Place Filled With Teen Crazies

I keep trying (not very hard) to get back over here... and I just keep doing other things.

My goal for the last couple of weeks has been to consistently get back into the word and eat better. Evidently I can only accomplish 2 things at a time, because I am unable to blog on top of it. I am getting some writing done and wrote about "Choosing Joy" when life wasn't aligning for me to do such.

I am behind and owe that ministry an article. My next article will be where my family is -- this waiting for the inevitable: beginning of school and band camp, settling in at church, etc. We are unpacked... but when people from the former town ask "are you settled??" with very hopeful eyes, what do I say? Well, no, we aren't settled. It's summer and we have stared at ourselves, a movie screen, and a big fat TV screen until we are all sick of each other. We workout and have push up challenges. We have precious dinner conversations. But settled in this town? We may as well be on Mars.

Of course, it's awesome that we live where Troy works 'cause, you know, we did it the other way and that totally stunk, too. We are just still in this "waiting place" -- just a different waiting place than before -- now waiting for a scary first day, hard time, obstacle to get over.Band camp starts soon for the high schooler, followed by orientation for the middle schooler. I, personally, am SO! READY! for these things to happen. Tensions are running a little high here at the house. We are all a little ready to see what it will be like and get it over with.

Not one prayer would be wasted on my family. You and I KNOW "it will be fine" when it all comes out in the wash -- it's these few weeks/ months of WAITING for it to "come out in the wash" that have tension/ anxiety mounting and teen crazies going crazier.

You know you're jealous of the teen crazies. Those are some good times, y'all...

Until next time, just trying to get settled... in front of a screen. SO! Tell me -- what are YOU up to this summer? Doing something fun?


Stephanie said...

We all have a brand of crazy in life, right?! I wake up and read the headlines, on any given day - but about the bomb and gun attack in Norway recently - and I am ashamed for grumbling about the heat. I only complain about the heat because I am accustomed to air conditioning, not because hot weather is evil. But in spite of it all, what really matters is our relationships, not where or when we are. And BTW - I have a set of those teenagers you speak of. Love 'em and balance my distance precariously between too close (that! smell!) and too far (always close enough to hug and/or embarrass) !

Roxanne said...

Fun. Well, fun is relative and sometimes getting ready for the fun is not fun but the fun is VERY fun. For instance, etching out yet ANOTHER WEEK of my summer to go somewhere and do something when I have several other things breathing down my neck is NOT FUN while staying in my house where I can work and nap at will is incredibly fun, but the camp counselor meeting after church tonight reminded me how much FUN camp will be. Even though I already knew--it was nice to be reminded.

Roxanne said...

AND to add to the fun, the stresses of the interview falling into my lap yesterday afternoon delivered a set of fever blisters to the outside corner of my bottom right eye-lid. Thank heavens for (expensive) medication, money to buy it, and a car to drive to a pharmacy and pick it up so I will be presentable (an not in pain) tomorrow.

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