Air Conditioner Out in Texas in July? SCORE!

"Umm... why is the air blowing hot air?"

No one wants to hear this at 6 p.m on a July afternoon in Texas, when we definitely like our air of the cool variety.

Oh, yes. Like about 80% of everyone else that we know, our air conditioner simply couldn't keep up with the horrific heat this week.

We commiserated with the dog, trapped in her fur coat. We tried, valiantly, to put a happy face on it. But when it came down to it... we were all miserable.

We spent one night in the heat. Woke up to house at 82*, outside at 75*. Urg.

The kids were already heading out to meet a group at amusement parks for a couple of days. Troy and I scheduled our repair guy -- for two days out -- and used hotwire to book a (NICE) hotel for the night.

Until I could get in the hotel I did a few things at the house, with temps climbing to around 87* in the house. Partly from partial heat stroke, partly from sleep deprivation due to sleeping in a hot house, and partly from just trying to be okay, I realized it's not completely terrible if your air goes out in the summer in Texas.

Therefore, in no certain order, the good parts about going without air conditioning in July in Texas:

-- The SAVINGS!! Not running your unit for almost 3 days!

-- The earnings potential! You could open a Bikram Yoga studio in your living room!

-- Your pores look AMAZING after being in your own little homemade sauna all day long.

-- No need to eat (who's hungry?) while sitting in the sauna, so the pounds fall off.

-- It is a true emergency to go spend a night at a hotel. Thank you, Dave Ramsey emergency fund!

Obviously all of the savings (and earnings!) could have been completely wiped out by the verdict of "your system needs to be replaced..." But, thank you, Lord! The verdict was (I kid you not) the capacitor. I want it to be the flux capacitor so that Michael J. Fox will show up in a DeLorean and take me away to a simpler time.

Best thing, hands down? When it starts working again!

So very very happy to be going to bed in a cool house!

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Roxanne said...

High five on the Back to the Future reference. . .NO hot yoga for me, thank you very much. Just. No.

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