Today's the day!

Yes, it's a day of craziness and another day of sending Troy off to work at a job far away after he survived, nay, thoroughly enjoyed his first week. Add to it a birthday for a 13 year old complete with Harry Potter film fest, a basketball tournament and an out of town basketball game
and we are a family ON THE GO. Oh... of course today is Open House for the house, so I SHOULD be dusting, scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, straightening, or tossing something, but right now I have to pause to remember.

Eighteen years ago this morning I was waking up for the last time as a single woman. It was a muggy Louisiana morning (there are about 4 per year that aren't). I remember certain vivid details about my wedding day, few of them that you want to hear. I do remember my Poppa Max's booming voice as he prayed over us. I remember poor Roxanne, my maid of honor, had a sinus infection. It POURED on us after we left from our honeymoon. And I thought I loved Troy more than I ever would or could.
Eighteen years later I love him still and I love him more. I have made no secret of the fact that our marriage isn't perfect now and has had its share of trouble... which is why I love him so. We have both fought hard for what we have which makes it that much more precious.

Troy and I both are "out there" folks in our own way -- he is a networking/ making things happen guy, and I am the write about what has happened gal. God taught me years ago that my emotions and happiness don't depend on Troy (that is God's place in my life) but Troy very ably steps in and reminds me of my gifts, points out where I might best use them in God's kingdom, and when Satan tries to convince me it won't work or I can't do it, Troy points out the lie that is. The "being comfortable in my own skin" that has come with age has also come from being married to Troy. My skin is pretty comfortable next to him, too.

So, in the midst of this crazy day, happy anniversary to the love of my life. I hope we get way more than 18 more.

I thought this post, by Matt Hammit of Sanctus Real, was wonderful for today. If you haven't heard of his story, Matt's baby, Bowen, was born about 6 weeks ago with serious heart complications. Following surgery, several scary days, and a LONG stay in the NICU, Bowen FINALLY came home this week... one day before Matt had to leave for a show. He talks about his struggle to find that elusive balance we all look for.


Roxanne said...

Interestingly enough, I DON'T remember the sinus infection. I remember YOUR stomach ailment the morning before your wedding. I remember taking you to get a manicure. I recently (for some reason) TRIED (in vain) to remember the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Alas--those memories are gone--vanished--POOF. I remember carrying bride's maid dresses to Forsyth where unbeknowst to me, I had the hem of one hanging out of my car, and your mother had to steam clean it. I also loaned my twisty pearl barrette to another attendant and never saw it again. MORE than ANYTHING, I remember giggling with you during Max's prayer (though the solemnity of the occasion was not lost on us, as Don Glover commented later--it looked as though we just couldn't HELP being girls), and I remember going with you into the changing room at the country club so you could put on your "going away" suit. I was the only one with you from what I remember--but maybe that's just me. Then, you and Troy took of in a hail of birdseed and that was that. Then my visits to Temple began. :)

I love you, friend. Happy Anniversary. Happy, happy, happy. I am blessed to be woven into the fabric of your life in so many times and ways.

Scott F said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! And Happy Birthday to Riley. Now that moving is a must, I hope it comes quickly so that your family can be together.

Susan said...

Beautiful post, Sarah. And...congratulations!

Susan said...

Beautiful post, Sarah. And, happy anniversary!

Laura Ashlock said...

Of course your skin feels good next to sleep n*%@#!!

But really, this is a very sweet and touching post (no pun intended).

RobinLynn said...

Hello - was looking for other Christian blogger ladies and ran across you via Trey Morgan - we know him from Honduras. Love this post - we're creeping up to our 32nd this month. Thanks for sharing your memories and all the best for the next 18!

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