Traveling Today

Say a prayer or six for all of us this weekend.

Coffee Group is headed to Central Texas, to share God's Amazing Freedom with the ladies of Georgetown. So, pray for our travels, pray for our talks, pray for the ladies there.

Pray for my family. I truly get weepy thinking of how grateful I am for Troy to take on all that he does for me to be able to do what I do. He knows what a blessing a weekend like this is to me, yet how labor intensive it is the week prior and how exhausted I am on my return. And he is precious and patient with it all, and is Dad-extraordinaire through it all. I'm just so thankful.

So pray for the Lord to bless them -- all is working out and Ashley will be with a friend most of the weekend. I told Riley that he and dad got to have 'man-weekend', so they could burp and scratch. He approved.

Thanks for the prayers. Mission report on Monday. Maybe. :-)


dad said...

So you're trying to tell us you have to go out of town for your two guys to be able to burp and scratch? I'm not buying it.

Praying for a safe, uplifting, blessed weekend for the Coffee Group, followed by a joyous reunion with the family.

mstirman said...

What a blessing for the Georgetown ladies as well as the growth that has already taken place within the group that is traveling to present. And Dad, this will stretch you in some very positive ways as well as you fill two prental roles for a few days. Blessings on all.

Roxanne said...

Have fun!!!!! I'll be thinking of y'all as you go to teach and learn.

Jean Stockdale said...

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