Can You Tell?

Um, I'm just now figuring out this 'back to school' business. Can you tell?

And of course, there's the school week of carpool which means go to school at 8 a.m., 3:30 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. (athletics). Then there's the school week of non-carpool which means only going to school at 3:30 p.m. I drive a lot.

So, in trying not to drive TOO much, on days that I 'leave the house anyway' (gym, Meals on Wheels, other appointments) I pretty much take my laptop, stay where I am, and don't come home until I've done my 3:30 school run. So I'm still figuring out when blogging fits in there. And the grocery store. Sweeping the floors just DON'T fit in there. Laundry I'm actually getting done. It's a work in progress, as you can tell.

I spend much of my time on the ACU campus, because 2 of my 'already out' days take me there. A college campus is so interesting. Here is what I am learning:
** If I lived over here, I would not like college students nearly as much as I do, primarily because of their driving habits.
** Yes, I am remembering that I used to be one and used to drive just like that. It still annoys me.
** They all look 12.
** If you don't have a pair of gladiator-type sandals, you are SO. OUT.
** I do not have a pair of gladiator sandals. I have cute sandals with bows.
** ACU could easily freeze tuition prices for the next 10 years if they didn't strive to refrigerate the interior of buildings in August. I've seen the professors. They will really survive if they sweat off a few pounds. And those that don't have a few pounds to sweat off? Are freezing, too.
** Texting and walking is just as dangerous as texting and driving. Watch. Where. You. Are. Going. People.

So, with those deep thoughts to launch you on this abbreviated week, I leave you with one ponderous thought: which direction do you emoticon? Facebook has opened up a whole new world of emoticons to me. First I have to be tolerant of my right-wing and left-wing political friends, then I have to figure out if people are smiling or frowning when they (:

So, let's take a poll. Make a smiley for me. Do you include a nose? Just your average oh, hey, I'm smiling.

Here is mine: :-) Nose and all. And I am right-handed. Does that make a difference?

Show me a smiley!


Janice Garrison said...

:-) :) (: :#)

Anonymous said...

I still seem to tilt my head everytime I see one of those smileys!!!! :)

Nathaniel said...

I too am a :-) I think it looks more natural if that is possible. (-: seems backward since I look at people from the top down it makes sense to see the eyes first...Glad you are delving in to the more important topics of the day. ;-)

Also, I am addicted to the emojicons on my iPhone and hate it when I can't use them when I am texting my non-iPhone using friends. :-(

mindy said...


Linda said...


Roxanne said...

Maxine is actually the one who taught me how to make a computer/typewriter (at the time) smiley and mine go like this, as you well know. :) Noseless. I would say to look at the eyes to determine smile or frown.

Roxanne said...

By the way, gladiators come and go. . .bows are forever.

Tammy M. said...

; )~

Saw this one today, his little tongue is wagging....

ChristyCate said...

Ha, Tammy!

I thought that was a goatee! :P

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