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December 1st. Get out! I know, right? The Christmas decorations are mocking me from their boxes in the attic -- just as my sad little pumpkin from the front porch (and the little ones on the entry table).  *sigh* I simply cannot keep up with the passage of time, and I certainly can't decorate for it.
No, I didn't scour the Internet for pictures of lame decorating. I walked out my front door...
 My Top Posts for November are a little skewed, but that's okay. If you follow me on any social media, you know that I periodically post links to old blogs. Yesterday (last day of November) I posted a link to one of my favorites, partly because it is mostly written by someone else. When Matt (the someone else) saw it, he linked to it on his Facebook, and since he has about 4,000 FB friends, I got more hits on that post than on any other post for the month.

If you havent read Amazing Love it's worth a click over. Like I said -- mostly because I didn't write the majority of it.

Top Posts for November:

1)Amazing Love (originally posted: 9/29/2005)

2)Happy Birthday to Riley! (originally posted: 11/18/2011)

3)Please Tell Me You Can Relate (originally posted 10/26/2011)

4)Finding Me (originally posted 11/10/2011)

5)Moving On (originally posted 11/30/2011)

If you don't already, I hope that you will 'Like' The Cleft of the Rock's page on Facebook. This month be looking for some fun Christmas videos over there.

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