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It's been a LONG time since I've done a "Good Things Out There" post... and this one will be brief.

My father has always been a big believer in learning people's names. I try to notice, but confess I'm not very religious about it. This article is a great reminder that learning someone's name not only makes that person feel good, but it can pay off for you, as well.

I have really come to enjoy reading Michael Hyatt's blog. He is the president of Thomas Nelson publishing (Christian books). He has excellent things to say about leadership, organization, productivity, and even parenting. I enjoyed this article: "44 Actions You Can Take Now to Boost Your Energy." None of them involve Hydroxy-Cut.

I thought this article entitled "The Two Sides of Responsibility" was an interesting look at obesity: political vs. personal problem. It was written by Michael Prager, author of "Fat Boy, Thin Man."

(My brief "good things" post is getting longer and longer because I keep running across good stuff!)

I'm re-stealing/ linking this from Julie. And reciting it to myself. A lot. Capable people struggle with finding balance. Right?

This is an older post of Michael Hyatt's that I came across later in the week about modesty for our girls. Some excellent guidelines to be teaching them.

I had this video on Facebook a while back... I may have even posted it here. I like this guy's attitude: even if you don't know the words, go ahead and sing out. You will probably make someone smile:

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Roxanne said...

Just got a chance to watch little dude on the ukulele. . .I liked it when he coughed his little kid cough and kept right on going. :)

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