Marriage Monday: Just Joking!

I really don't enjoy practical jokes. That may baffle you, because I see humor in pretty much every situation, but I really don't like practical jokes, whether they are being played on me or other people. As you might imagine, April 1st really isn't fun for me, either.

I caught a few minutes of America's Funniest Home Videos last night and a few of the videos were of people giving their friends, family, or spouses fake lottery tickets, causing them to believe they had won $10,000. How mean!

It made me think two things:
1) Troy would think that was SO funny to do to someone.
2) He would never do that to me.

Troy used to play jokes on me, but he saw that I don't like them, so he stopped. I have a seen a few mean spirited husbands (and even dads, which makes me really sad) that know that their spouses or children hate jokes like that, but take great joy in continuing to play jokes on their spouse. It just made me appreciate that, though I never once asked Troy to never again do that to me, he saw that I didn't like it, and stopped.

It's not like I asked him to give up his shotgun collection (gasp!!) or to never play a joke on anyone again (he still has his moments).

I wonder if I have been as sensitive to him about not doing something that bugs him (leaving shoes in the MIDDLE of the floor... ugh... not so much). I may have some work to do.

I'm so very thankful for the man I married and the way he takes care of me -- even the little things that matter to me.


Stephanie said...

I love how your husband seems to be okay with not freaking you out and playing jokes on you, that is considerate of him. We all have tendencies to do things that rub our spouses the wrong way. I have a husband who is quite black-and-white about things, and I am one who not only sees black and white, but also grey and a kaleidoscope of colors in issues, points of view... so while his b/w only approach bugs me, and my so-called gray-area bugs him, we have finally after all these years stopped arguing about it. Mostly. Well, a little less than before. We're still adjusting. And that is okay :)

Roxanne said...

He's a keeper. . .him AND his shotgun collection. :)

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