Tiptoe-ing Back Into Blogworld

I looked for a picture of the t-shirt I saw on one of those folks who think their bad attitude doesn't exude from them enough without cue cards printed on their chest: "I'm here, aren't I? What more do you want?"

I figure my first little tippy toe back into blog land should keep the bar pretty low. There won't be any humor or ingenious observations on life (as if I ever just crank that kind of stuff out on a regular basis).

I had a few thoughts, that were actually even kind and nice, but my children just returned home from one of their adventures down at our local creek -- which I was so loving as their little fun slice of Americana -- and they came home with bicycles broken beyond repair from bricks or rocks thrown onto the spokes, and a ruined library book from it being thrown in the water. I'm so unamused with the general public of my "wonderful neighborhood". So my kind and nice thoughts are few and far between.

JD thinks that 'LOST' has 'jumped the shark'. What do you think?

It's our spring break. It's supposed to rain and my throat hurts.

This morning the scale looked better than it had in months, but my hair is still in its post-haircut rebellion stage. When it's a good scale day AND a good hair day, I'll let you know.

Anyone doing anything fun for spring break?


Roxanne said...

Come on in. The water is fine.


I think LOST is as confusing as ever. . .leading me to believe that the title has a dual purpose--the characters are LOST and the fans are also LOST.

I am still waiting for a an explanation of the black smoke ghost and the errant polar bears.

Chad & Jennifer said...

I don't get a Spring Break, but have fun! ;)

They are singing COWS, not bears...cows are much cuter! Please come visit. We are tons of fun (of course ;)), and so is our little slice of PA.

I never hear from the Clemons. I tried to contact them several times but emails never got through and snail mail was never returned. I'd love to talk to them. Do you know how to get in touch with them?

mad4books said...

For a tiptoe back in, you certainly covered a lot of ground!

*As for those awful t-shirts...the WORST is when *parents* wear them to school. We've seen parents (grownups! adults!) wearing atrocious sentiments across their chests while they register their kids, eat lunch in the cafeteria, pick children up for appointments, and even attend teacher conferences. I'm embarrassed FOR them because they clearly have the sense God gave them somewhere along the way.

(The all-time jaw dropper was the five-foot tall father--and I'm counting the heel in his cowboy boots when I estimate his height--who registered his son for summer school in his PORN STAR shirt.)

*Sorry about the vandalism. It happens in every neighborhood. Remember all the Wylie vandalism back in January? They shot my car. They also got my sister's $700 back van window! Oh, and the perpetrator? The one whose initials were T.B.? One of my former students. (NOT the one whose dad was a porn star...LOL.)

*Still lovin' Lost. We tape it every Thursday so it doesn't interfere with ArtWalk, driver's ed lessons, and busy life in general. (We usually watch both taped episodes, the enhanced one and the new one, a day or two later on the weekend.)

*The scale and the mirror are both not speaking to me right now. Glad you and the scale are on friendly terms. Speaking of which, time to run to a Pilates class!

Good grief! This has been the longest comment ever! Have a GREAT BREAK!!!!

Troy M. Stirman said...

Hey Mad-

Maybe you have some pull with the old man? Can't you get him to update his blog? What a fountain of knowledge and wisdom..he should write more. Please encourage him to do so. This world needs solid citizens who know how to string verbs and adjectives together in literary harmony....


not-so-deep Denise said...

LOST has not jumped the shark! JD needs to suck it up! It wasn't the best episode but I love how much Jin has grown - it was worth it to see him at the end. Made me cry when he came back to Sun.....

It seems like some of the episodes are more about moving the story along (Juliet episode 2 weeks ago) and some are able to truly move us. Desmond and Penny - I watched that one 3 times, happily.

Porn Star - please, people. You aren't funny.

Julie said...

Okay, here are my two cents.

LOST: I've just started watching it, so I have no concept whether it has jumped the shark or not. All I know is that when I watch it, I keep saying, "I want to understand it, but I just can't!"

I do know that Grey's Anatomy has jumped. I tried to watch it awhile back, but it was just exactly where I had left it about a year ago. Kind of like "Guiding Light" or something. (C'mon, Meredith, do you love him or not?)

Rude T-shirts: My younger son has been asking for one of those, but I hate them, especially as a teacher. I did cave and get one that says "It's not my fault", because he does say that quite a lot.

Spring Break: I have a huge, long to do list that I am tackling. Ours is this week. Jason is out of town, so the boys and I are going to eat cereal, watch basketball (Go Moutaineers) and make a big mess.

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