I Was Wrong, Part 1

Many moons ago, on this very blog, I promised to tell some of my thoughts on nutrition.

And many moons ago, on this very blog, I said that my first post would be: "I Was Wrong."

I started that post, and it got to be SO! LONG!! You see, there are many things that I have been wrong about.

There are things that I may say now that I will tell you later: "I was wrong." Any good professional will do that: give the best information s/he has with the information available at that time, and continue learning CONSTANTLY.

Nutrition is certainly an ever-changing landscape, and voices clamor from your grocery shelves, your doctor's office, and always the internet. I will do what I can to pass along what I believe to be current and valid information.

Back to me being wrong, though.

A phrase that I have uttered MANY times, perhaps even to you:

"All things in moderation."

Sometimes I even had a really good spiritual reason for that -- God created everything, blah, blah, blah.

But the reality was, that meant I didn't want to give up what I knew I shouldn't be eating and I felt like just a little was okay. And for some of us, it is.

I really hopped on here tonight specifically because I was so blown away by Kris' passionate article on the same stance: Why 'Everything in Moderation' is Killing People. (I rarely read anything on Kris' blog that I DON'T like, and he always puts science-y things in "bottom line" and easy to understand language for all of us). 

I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at that article -- says it all so much more passionately than I could!

As far as God creating all of our food... yes. Yes, He did. Let's even consider the lovely cocoa bean (YAY!! Chocolate!!) You've got your chocolate, you've got your anti-oxidant -- what's not to love?? Then man comes along and finds a way to process the heck outta that little bean -- and now you have your cocaine.

Wait -- it's "natural"! It came from a plant! God made that plant. It must be okay, right? Notsomuch.

Man has continued to process the heck outta what God has put on this earth as our nourishment so that your body barely knows what to do with it anymore. But that's a whole other blog post.

So... I was wrong.

What do you think? All things in moderation, or stay away entirely from unhealthy foods?

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