When a Disappoint May Be a Divine Appointment

Y'all know me.

I love words.

Big words. Little words.

A word nerd.

Thus it was that in trying to figure out how to spell the word 'disappointment', I was blown away by the fact that disappointment itself may lead to God's biggest plan for me yet.

I'm guest posting at (in)courage today. Come check it out.


Roxanne Langley said...

Love you. . .sorry you are in the waiting place again, but your article was GREAT!

Anonymous said...

A loss is simply that: broken, a home, a job, family said wrap it up, throw away my hearts key , iv tried to comprehend the depth of the hurt. I know God understands. But, things I loved, worked hard
to keep it all .. People say "things" aren't important!
They are correct..But The packed boxes line my closet
in the 1 bedroom apartment, my iPhone has become
a computer to job search, I'm not as old. As Sarah.. Our
Bibical woman of Abraham. I am older than I want to admit.. Grieving a loss.. Finding grace is short article I wrote 2 years before I lost my job & home..
God has recently stepped into my life, a 360 turn-around
He was there when I cried, when I walked away from
all that hurt .. He is showing up as I get up dust & wipe away tears, it's been a lesson to learn he puts the puzzle pieces of our life together, brings us "Joy" in the morning. I'll find that job. I'll buy another home, it just will be different than I had planned!!
Each day is new.

mindy said...

Look at you writing for (in)courage!!! That's awesome:) Great post!

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