Valentine, Schmalentine...

Just a quick stop in to say that I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. If not great, you have at least survived. Onward.

As I mentioned in my last post, last week wasn't too super great, I wasn't able to see Troy very much over the weekend -- errands, errands, errands -- so I worked up a pretty good feel sorry for myself come Monday morning. Love and gooeyness was spewing all over Facebook and I could hardly stand it. I was in a foul mood.
Thankfully, I started my day in The Word, but still my heart was grouchy. I continued to pour out what was on my heart to God, telling Him I didn't want to have an ugly heart today.

Friends graciously gave me permission -- I'm in a tough situation, no doubt. But here's the deal: I can't cave. I have NO idea how long this is going to last. I have got to learn how to "take captive every thought" and battle back from "a mood". My family cannot afford for me to give in to such pull to be a grouch.

So I spent time in The Word, and in prayer. My prayers were that the Lord would empty my heart of me, me, me and just remind me of His love -- for me, that I may love those around me with the same love.

It was not a lightning bolt shift in my day... but things got better. I already had some fun things planned, that honestly I had forgotten. I had lunch with a dear friend -- and in some regards, she and I are walking the same road. She gets it. And she is the least judgmental person I know. Love that. Just let me pour it out there. That was that. Lots of smiles and laughs.

Then I had scheduled a walking date with another friend and mentor that I don't see enough. We don't solve a lot of our problems, but we love to hear each other out. It was so great.

Oh -- between the two, I took the truck (yes, I call her MY truck... that annoyed Troy, but believe me, if I didn't HAVE to drive it, I wouldn't be, so I will call it MY truck if I want to...) to a car wash that was advertising free car washes for red cars on Valentine's Day. Now I would call the truck more of a maroon color, so I didn't know if it would be free -- but with all the snow and oock we've had, it desperately needed a wash anyway. Whatever. Guess what? FREE! You can't beat a clean vehicle for perking you up just a little.

As I spent time with the kids, cooking and eating dinner, covering strawberries in chocolate, working on a little Driver's Ed with Ashley, I thought about something Beth Moore says in "Living Beyond Yourself": "God can not only change your life, He'll change your day!" And if anyone's day (and attitude) needed changing yesterday, it was mine!
I'm so thankful for a God that will listen to my whining and complaining -- but loves me too much to let me stay there.

You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever. Psalm 30:11,12

*Pic of adorableness ripped off of the Scott Photography Blog. LOVE them. LOVE their stuff. LOVE their people.

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Roxanne said...

Flat tire on the freeway (traveling 70 mph) on the way to work. Left it there within sight of my exit, and someone from school came to get me. Had to pull Tony out of class to discuss. THEN schedule a half day sub so I can go with the wrecker driver to tow it to Firestone.

BUT. . .there was a guest speaker 1st period, so I got to "schedule" my chaos in an empty (quiet) classroom, and I'm giving a test today so sub plans are easy. Gotta be thankful for the small things. And I enjoyed our talk. :) Love you.

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