A Decorating Thought

This one isn't whining about my house not selling, I promise.

In "staging" our house, we are keeping all things minimalist, including Christmas decorations. We got down the pre-lit tree, the stockings and stocking hangers, and that's about it. I didn't want to get down ALL of the ornaments (you know, the precious little handprint ones, the dixie cups rolled in glitter with jingle bells hung with yarn from the inside), but the lights alone were a little... pathetic.

So I checked out who had Christmas ribbon on sale and, lo and behold, when you wait until the middle of December to decorate, EVERYONE has their decorations and ribbon on sale! I went to Michael's and bought several (way too many, it turned out) rolls of wide, wired ribbon that was 60% off, so it was $4/ roll. Turns out, on our tree, 3 rolls was PLENTY, but I'll keep one extra roll just for good measure.

So, my thought for today is: $16 bucks worth of ribbon can make a tree look like a tree. Not bad. (yes, I know we have a strand out. It's not the fuses. We give up.)


Scott F said...

All of the lights on our tree are blown. We only have the bottom 2 branches lit. I give up too! No way can we fix it without removing everything from the tree and replacing with new lights. So this year, we have a sad dark tree. But at least if we ever get any presents wrapped and under the tree, the bottom row lights will cast some light on them! Lookin' on the bright side....

Roxanne said...

LOVE your ribbon idea. . .the tree looks beautiful. Our tree is NOT pre-lit, and ALL of our lights worked while Tony was putting them on the tree. Then, when we got the beads on and the ornaments on, one strand bit the dust. Alas. . .we have a dim patch in our tree.

Your ribbon? GORGEOUS. And SO YOU!!!!

Rebecca T said...

LOVE the tree! the ribbon looks so pretty, I love it. maybe some year I'll do something like that. I do have to say (with complete understanding of why you didn't do it this year) that I love putting up ornaments and remembering when I got them and the person who gave them to me. Seeing how little the kids were is precious too, sometimes I forget.

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